The Volleyball Photo Day Portraits Are Not Instagrams

For the past six months I have downloaded and tested over 20 photography apps for the iPhone. While many of them were excellent, there were two main issues that I had with using them. One was image quality and the other was the time needed to include shooting a few images during my shooting workflow. Early on with my iPhone photo app experimentation I stumbled upon an app named Pixlr-o-matic. Six months later it’s still my favorite app. The geniuses at Pixlr also created a Mac version of the app. It’s the same app I used with those ‘Canes Baseball Portraits back in May. The portraits I shot during yesterday’s volleyball photo day at UM were taken by a Nikon and cropped into high-res square images in Photoshop to resemble the 1:1 ratio of Instagram images. I then ran those images through Pixlr-o-matic to easily add a filter, vignette and border to get the results you see here. The images are also 4000 pixels wide, so larger prints can be made than with a regular Instagram image. So what to call these Instagram-like images? How about Canestagrams? Or more specifically, #Canestagrams (gotta keep things social media savvy!) Above are the “Canestagram” images of the 15 members of the 2012 Hurricanes Volleyball team. The entire edit is available at

Published by

JC Ridley

JC Ridley is the long-time team photographer for the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Atlantic Owls, with over 25 years of experience in the photography industry. His images have been published in numerous publications, including Sports Illustrated. JC even spent seven seasons as a contributing photographer for the National Football League.

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