The Source of the “Surge & Juice” Photo May Surprise You

2014 Miami Hurricanes Football – “Surge & Juice” Helmets

Most ‘Canes fans by now have seen the “Surge & Juice” photo I shot during the “New Uniform Shoot” last July. Most of you don’t know the story behind how I shot it.

During a short break between players, I looked down at my feet to see the new orange (Juice) and green (Surge) helmets juxtaposed just right on the brand new Field Turf practice field surface.

Without giving it much thought, I pulled out my iPhone, opened the “Pro HDR” photo app, stuck the phone horizontally in the turf and shot a few frames. I processed one of the frames with the “Snapseed” app and posted it online, hoping for a few eyeballs.

Yes, I said “iPhone.”

I’ve used that phrase a lot since that July day when asked about the image came about. The image quickly caught fire on the internet, appearing on several national blogs, in countless tweets and threads on Facebook. It even has nearly 3000 views on!

Published by

JC Ridley

JC Ridley is the long-time team photographer for the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Atlantic Owls, with over 25 years of experience in the photography industry. His images have been published in numerous publications, including Sports Illustrated. JC even spent seven seasons as a contributing photographer for the National Football League.

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